RDX Shows Commitment to Helping Veterans Find Jobs at Pittsburgh Career Fair

One of RDX’s highest priorities is ensuring that our customers’ environments are being administered by the best database and operating system specialists in the country. Because of our continued growth, we have to recruit new talent frequently. We are also committed to helping those who fought for our country find sustainable careers after they complete their military duties. RDX currently has several veterans on staff that have all provided valuable attributes to our team. “RDX is dedicated to finding the best talent in the industry with the discipline needed to help solve our customers’ toughest challenges. We’ve been impressed with the expertise, work ethic and customer support skills our veterans on staff bring to RDX, and we are honored to participate in the furtherance of their career paths,” said RDX CEO, Buddy Flerl.

To further our mission of helping veterans succeed, RDX recently attended CareerLinks’s Pittsburgh Matchmaker 2.0 Recruitment Event, which gave local veterans Priority of Service to all vendors in attendance. “RDX is looking for hard-working, detail-oriented people who are willing to accept challenges and solve problems with professionalism. As a U.S. Army veteran, I realize that the military provides training and skill sets that develop and reinforce these character traits. When veterans leave active duty and seek to join the civilian work force, they already possess these well-developed character traits and professional skills which can give them a strong foundation to achieve early and prolonged success in nearly any career field. Most veterans are eager to prove what they’re made of and RDX recognizes that veterans are a valuable workforce resource. I feel very fortunate and proud to be a part of the RDX team,” said RDX SQL Server DBA and veteran, Michael Best.

While at the career fair, RDX met with many promising veteran candidates who are looking to jumpstart their IT careers. Due to the event’s success and the excellent support our veteran employees provide to our customer base, RDX plans to attend additional veterans-focused career fairs and extend our commitment to helping our nation’s heroes find competitively-paying jobs with advancement opportunities.

If you’re a veteran interested in learning more about openings at RDX, please contact jobs@rdx.com for more information.

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