The Perks of RDX’s Service Delivery Model from the Eyes of a DBA

Recently, I’ve been asked by a couple of prospective clients how RDX’s service delivery model is the correct choice for their company and their specific environment.  It hasn’t been a question that I’ve honestly pondered before until lately; all I really thought about prior to getting asked this question is that we aim to strive to do the best for all of the clients that we work for and with, and that we do a great job at it. 

This also may be a question that you’ve been asking yourself, but I would advise you to ask yourself a few more questions about your organization’s DBA needs prior to jumping on board with RDX:

  • What capacity will RDX serve in the grand scheme of your organization?
  • Are you looking for a day-to-day production DBA who can make sure that your database environments run smoothly? 
  • Are you looking for someone who can come in, analyze your existing environment and suggest and implement improvements to help your company run a bit more efficiently?
  • Is it possible that you’re looking for developmental work and seek the experience and ability of a seasoned DBA that can help push your company towards its future?
  • Do you have multiple concurrent initiatives that are all database-centric and need some project management experience to help keep everything in order from both the technical and management side?

And with those questions being asked, allow me to say that I, and the rest of the DBA staff at RDX, have fulfilled all of those tasks with our clients in the past.  Here are some of the perks that come with utilizing the services provided by our company:

The Collective Knowledge

There comes a point when every DBA has encountered a problem that they just haven’t seen before, whether it be with a legacy platform (hello, SQL Server 2000, my dear, sweet, undying friend), an emerging, cutting edge technology or some convoluted code logic implemented by a developer that hasn’t worked at your organization for seven years now.  A single, solitary DBA may find himself in a bind – he doesn’t necessarily have the time to fully research the problem or, worse yet, there’s nothing documented in the entirety of the Internet to help rectify the cause of the issue.

For one person, that would be a minor conundrum. For RDX, it just means that we lean on the collective knowledge of over 75 DBAs, all with wide ranging skillsets and specialties.  Looking for suggestions on a proposed system design that you’re considering for a new product rollout?  The SQL Architecture Team has the experience to guide you in the right direction.  Contemplating on rewriting your ETL processes to streamline your data warehouse reporting and archiving strategy?  The Business Intelligence Team successfully tackles complex SSAS, SSIS and SSRS projects on a daily basis. In need of firming up your day-to-day activities and maintenance procedures?  We have just the DBA to help bring your environments up to our high standards.

The message behind this is that whatever you’re looking to accomplish, the team at RDX will be able to fully accommodate your needs, which isn’t something that just one or two on-site FTEs may be able to accomplish.

Just the Right Amount of Service

Let’s assume that you currently have a strong staff of production and development DBAs at your company; however, you’re finding that they may be getting stretched just a little thin as your company continues to grow.  Instead of hiring on another full-time DBA for your organization, you may only need to have an additional 30-40 hours’ worth of work picked up by whomever you hire.  This is the exact situation where RDX and our staff can be an incredible asset to your company.

Whether  you’re looking to have the 24x7x365 monitoring and on-call coverage that comes with a service provider like RDX, you’re looking to offload a few processes to your assigned DBA (and the entire RDX team that supports them) to help bail out your current employees, or you’re looking for that experienced, seasoned DBA to help step in to fully manage your database environments, you can be assured that we can configure your contract’s hours to be exactly the amount of time you need.  The ability to customize, and adjust, your monthly hours helps in making sure you’re being both sound with your IT employment budget along with knowing you’re bringing on some of the best help available.

Understanding and Action

This final point is one that you won’t find on our marketing material, yet it may be one of the greatest assets that RDX can provide its clients.  It’s something that isn’t documentable; it’s not something that’s tangible.  It’s personality, it’s relatability, it’s the way that each DBA at RDX handles themselves with their clients.  There’s the level the professionalism and commitment that each of my colleagues  personifies in our everyday routine.  Staying late on a Thursday night to ensure your rollout is successful, performing instance patches at 3:00AM on a Saturday morning (that your staff will be eternally grateful for us handling, I assure you), or dealing with a critical performance instance at lunchtime on a Monday – it doesn’t matter; it’s our job and we enjoy doing it, and doing it well.  Whether we’re interfacing with the CIO, network admins, fellow DBAs or end users at your company, we’re going to be able to relate to each of them because we want our clients to see us as part of their team and interact with us as if we were working in the office right next door. There’s a level of pride and satisfaction that comes in working with our clients.

If you have any questions, contact us or leave a comment below! Thanks for reading.



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