SQL Server 2014 certified for SAP NetWeaver-based applications [Video]


Does your organization need another reason to upgrade to SQL Server 2014?

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In the middle of March, Microsoft announced that SAP certified SQL Server 2014 to provide support for SAP NetWeaver-based applications. The company explained that thanks to this approval, businesses will now be able to run even more Tier-1 mission-critical workloads on their SQL Server.

Microsoft recommended a few different ways to leverage this newly introduced capability, citing examples of other organizations using SQL Server 2014 and SAP applications:

  • Boost performance of SAP ERP systems with in-memory technology.
  • Create a disaster discovery strategy by running SAP in the cloud.
  • Respond to customers faster with SQL Server increasing query times by 75 percent.
  • Develop and test environments in the cloud to determine optimal scale.
  • Leverage SQL Server storage and SAP applications for big data analytics.

The possibilities with SAP application support on SQL Server 2014 are only limited by the skill of an organization’s IT teams. To start leveraging SAP-SQL Server 2014 environments, businesses should seek out experienced DBAs with the talent and time required to make any solution perform to the best of its abilities and deliver real results.

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