SQL Saturdays: Learn Where You Can See Presentations by RDX SQL Server Experts

SQL Saturdays: Learn Where You Can See Presentations by RDX SQL Server Experts

SQL Saturdays are free, one-day training events and are held in cities worldwide throughout the year. Hundreds of SQL Server professionals attend to hear presentations by those highly regarded in the field and to learn best practices associated with their trade. Since speaking sessions range from beginner to advanced levels,  professionals of all levels are encouraged to attend. There are also a variety of networking opportunities available such as pre-conference sessions in select cities and after parties.

RDX often has experts who speak at SQL Saturdays nationwide monthly. Over the next month, you can find RDX  team members at Baltimore, Atlanta, and Philadelphia SQL Saturdays. Here is a deeper look at each:

SQL Saturday #506- Baltimore
When: April 30, 2016
Where: Loyola University

SQL Saturday #506 is a BI edition, and most speaking sessions will have a focus on business intelligence. Jeremy Frye, RDX’s Business Intelligence Team Manager will be presenting:

  • Speed Up Your SSAS Cube’s Data Refresh with Dynamic Partition Processing- 2:00-3:00 PM
    • Jeremy’s session will focus on building an ETL framework while leveraging your cube’s logical partition design to only process the necessary data within your measure group dynamically. Topics such as audit logging, cube processing options, partition design and metadata access will be discussed.

Jeremy will also be available to answer training-related questions throughout the day. Those interested in registering for SQL Saturday #506 can do so here.


SQL Saturday #521- Atlanta
When: May 21, 2016
Where: Georgia State University- Alpharetta location

Those who can’t see Jeremy speak in Baltimore have the chance to see him speak in Atlanta along with Bill Wolf, RDX’s Performance Tuning Manager. Jeremy and Bill will be presenting the following speaking sessions:

  • Bill Wolf- Locks, Blocks, and Deadlocks; Tame the Sibling Rivalry- 8:15-9:15 AM
    • Bill’s will first discuss basic locking and blocking of SQL Server and will review isolation levels. He’ll then review deadlocking, how to capture deadlocks, and will discuss how to resolve deadlocks to alleviate the family fighting. You can follow Bill Wolf on Twitter @SQLWareWolf.
  • Jeremy Frye- Speed Up Your SSAS Cube’s Data Refresh with Dynamic Partition Processing- 10:45-11:45 AM
    • If you’re a BI professional in the area, Jeremy can help give you some best practices about the SQL Server business intelligence platform. For more information ahead of SQL Saturday, please see his white paper SQL Server Business Intelligence Environment Planning.

To register for SQL Saturday #521, please go here.


SQL Saturday #517- Philadelphia
When: June 4, 2016
Where: Microsoft Technology Center

If you’re near the Philadelphia area, you can find Bill Wolf at SQL Saturday #517. He’ll be presenting:

  • Common Coding Mistakes and How to Mitigate Them- 1:30-2:30 PM
    • Because there are several programming design patterns that work well in object-oriented code but do not scale well in SQL Server, Bill will dive into some of these and show you how to make them scale in the database engine. He’ll also discuss Scalar-Value functions, CTA, RBAR, and more.

To register for SQL Saturday #517, please do so here.

For more information about each SQL Saturday, check out RDX’s News and Events page. Stay tuned for updates about additional RDX news and events soon! There will surely be plenty of SQL Saturdays and events to follow throughout the rest of the year.

If you’re looking to find a SQL Saturday in your area, visit www.sqlsaturday.com to find one near you.


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