RDX MongoDB Service Launch Announcement

RDX is pleased to announce the launch of our MongoDB NoSQL database service offering. NoSQL architectures have been gaining an increasing amount of attention from the IT community.  Many organizations now consider NoSQL offerings to be standard infrastructure choices for new database-driven application implementations. 

The architectures’ ability to store non, semi and fully structured data, ease of horizontal scalability, agile development and low TCO are compelling drivers for choosing NoSQL vendor offerings.

RDX’s goal as an industry leader in data infrastructure support is to provide a suite of service offerings that allows our clients to cost-effectively store, process and intelligently analyze all types of data to enable them to make better business decisions.

RDX’s MongoDB support specialists can help you evaluate both NoSQL and relational architectures, allowing you to rest easy knowing that the industry’s leading database experts are helping you select, design and build the most appropriate database data store for your critical applications.

For those interested in learning more about MongoDB and RDX’s service offering, please feel free to watch our MonogoDB service launch video on the RDX Youtube channel or visit our NoSQL Advantages and MongoDB Service Offering website pages.

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