PostgreSQL gaining momentum in RDMS and NoSQL markets [Video]

A few months after the release of PostgreSQL Version 9.4, there are already DBAs discussing the 9.5 update.

Hi, and welcome to RDX!

PostgreSQL has steadily evolved over the past few years, with the intention of delivering features and capabilities of both relational systems and NoSQL databases. In many ways, PostgreSQL provides an optimal experience right in the middle of the road.

Now, as PostgreSQL starts to offer JSON support, what could the next step for the database be?

According to Robert Haas, a self-proclaimed major PostgreSQL contributor, parallel sequential scan support is potentially on its way in Version 9.5.

That could be a huge milestone in the PostgreSQL timeline, as this feature would enable fewer queries to be CPU constrained.

Of course, Haas made no promises. He explained that a lot of work must be done to incorporate parallel sequential scan support into Version 9.5. The good news is that the code is stable right now, and even if this feature isn’t finished by the time Version 9.5 releases, DBAs can expect it shortly thereafter.

If any organizations are planning on deploying a PostgreSQL database, they should consider working with remote DBAs to get the most out of their IT systems.

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