Monitoring is key to database visibility and security

To ensure optimal database protection, enterprises can leverage cloud services for improved network activity monitoring.

Cloud Tweaks News reported that a database in the cloud allows administrators and IT more visibility into the inner-workings of the data center. Monitoring database activity can not only give IT a better understanding of the end user experience on the network, but also grants more control over access for security purposes. The source reported that advanced database management systems offer monitoring, mapping and reporting on network devices as well as applications, which can give IT professionals the capability of continually analyzing areas that require heightened attention. This can also give security personnel heightened awareness of applications or servers that experience high traffic, and identify abnormal activity that could signify a potential threat.

Database administration services that offer enhanced monitoring capabilities will be increasingly important, particularly considering the fact that insight into network activity can assist in detecting previously unknown risks. Phil Lerner, vice president of technology for Stonesoft, told Dark Reading that database security solutions will demand detailed logging abilities.

Better governance leads to control
Because many firms are unaware of vulnerabilities that exist in the corporate database structure, DBA services are crucial in finding these holes before they lead to a breach of valuable information. Lerner stated that avoiding this susceptibility to attack means proper administration of data according to level of sensitivity or risk, uninstalling unused components and continual patching and testing of vulnerable areas. Database experts can offer insight into how applications interact with the database center, which can then inform improved security strategies.

The closer security controls are to the database infrastructure, the more enterprises can prepare for potential threats. Joe DeSantis, manager of incident response for SecureState, asserted that this is particularly important with regard to internal auditing.

“If more thorough auditing is not in place, such as what data within the database was modified, accessed or created, it is much more difficult to determine what the user is doing once inside the database, or be able to identify possible abuse,” he said.

Database infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex due to new and diversifying touch points and virtualization. As enterprises look to strengthen security measures, a strong management system with state-of-the-art activity logging and analysis features is crucial to identifying risks and addressing them before an attack is possible.

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