Microsoft’s outlook on the data-driven future [Video]


Starting with a Windows 10 preview event, moving to its own developer-focused Build 2015 and finishing with the enterprise IT-oriented Ignite, Microsoft has recently shown its tech hand.

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[marker}As the cloud has grown in popularity and a new CEO took the reigns, Microsoft has shifted its strategy. In a recent interview with Fortune, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained that IT is no longer relegated to the IT department thanks to the explosion of data analytics.

For example, Power BI, the company’s business intelligence service, was originally built for developers and maybe marketers, Nadella asserted, but now HR employees and many others use the tool.

This is the new direction of Microsoft: Data-focused.

Nadella compared its SQL Server to Amazon Web Services, stating that Microsoft has been on the ground level of database optimization since the beginning, and the company will “completely change” how advanced analytics and Microsoft data solutions come together. Nadella also indicated that SQL Server will be “on the edge of the cloud” soon, and when combined with Power BI, enterprises will have all the tools they need for the data-driven future.

With a new SQL Server coming to public preview this summer, it’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft brings to the table.

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