How will the BI industry progress in 2015? [VIDEO]


Hi, welcome to RDX! Nowadays, almost every company uses business intelligence tools. Whether measuring return on investment or identifying your most popular products, BI can be an integral part of your operation.

But how will the technology progress in 2015? For one thing, it’s likely that new iterations of relational databases will receive integrated analytics functions. SQL Server is one particular solution that has become more compatible with Power BI, Microsoft’s signature BI application.

Mobile analytics has garnered much attention, but, in general, most implementations aren’t as flashy as some users would like them to be. However, many companies are engineering their apps to perform data analysis on the backend. This means servers running SQL databases will do the heavy lifting.

Thanks for watching! If you want to know how BI tools can be integrated into your databases, consult a team of DBAs.

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