How RDX Remote DBAs Stay on Top of Evolving Technologies

How RDX Remote DBAs Stay on Top of Evolving Technologies

As the modern database continues to grow, its inherent feature set expands alongside it. More solutions allow remote DBAs and internal teams alike to solve business problems tied to cutting costs and improving efficiencies. However, with these solutions comes increased complexity surrounding database administration, and it falls on the shoulders of DBAs to understand and leverage the industry’s evolving technologies.

Remote DBAs & Changing Database Technologies

In such a competitive space, database vendors and third-party suppliers are rapidly introducing new products as well as enhancements to existing releases. With each release comes the need for evaluation, and database administrators are in charge of understanding and leveraging the best-fit features and products to the environments they manage. However, internal DBA teams can sometimes struggle to properly analyze the capabilities of new releases as their workload leads them in other directions.

A struggle to completely leverage the benefits at hand results in companies failing to see the full return on their database investment. IT Executives oftentimes find themselves exploring vendor maintenance contracts to help organize and manage the rapid release of products and features, but these come at a premium price and don’t help internal teams select and implement the solutions that bring the most benefit to each individual application.

Whether supplemental or full-service, remote DBA support from RDX counters the struggle to stay on top of the industry’s rapidly changing technologies with help from our remote DBAs and deep-dive Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).



Database Vendor Relationships

RDX maintains close ties with database vendors which gives our remote DBAs, SMEs, and other technical personnel early access to new features and product releases. Understanding the ins-and-outs of these releases is crucial to providing a high level of remote DBA support to our customers, and all support technicians spend time learning and analyzing how new solutions can benefit the individual client environments they manage.

This knowledge is shared, ultimately helping internal teams stay better in tune with advancing technologies. And with an in-depth understanding of your unique infrastructure, our remote DBAs work alongside your IT team to leverage the solutions that provide the right benefits to each unique environment. In short, our database vendor relationships keep client infrastructures and their teams ahead of the curve.

Collective Knowledge & SMEs

With so many rapidly-advancing technologies surrounding the modern database, there’s no one DBA that can stay on top of it all. At RDX, the collective knowledge of our remote DBAs is at the core of providing comprehensive database support to our clients. Individually, each DBA is well-versed in many different support areas and technologies, but are required to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a key area of database support. DBAs are responsible for maintaining advanced knowledge in their designated area, which includes the affiliated technologies and their ever-changing products and feature sets.

With SMEs in all key areas of remote database support, including deep-dive specialists for advanced strategy, RDX is able to leverage the full benefits of the latest database products and feature sets for our clients. From high availability architecture design to SQL statement tuning, RDX has specialists on top of the latest solutions that clients leverage based on the fluid needs of their environment. The collective knowledge of our team, relationships with database vendors, and the drive of our passionate remote DBAs lead to our ability to stay on top of the changing technology in the industry.

If you feel your infrastructure isn’t fully benefiting from new database products and the expanding feature set of the modern database, contact us today to speak with one of our representatives.

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