Experienced Remote DBAs: Retaining Talent at RDX

As the strategic role of databases continues to advance within organizations, the task of finding and retaining experienced DBAs has become increasingly difficult. DBAs are seen as the “Go-To” specialist for internal IT teams due to their knowledge across a wide spectrum of information technology and processes. In an increasingly complex environment, database administrators design, support, and safeguard a company’s critical data stores, ultimately allowing organizations to make better business decisions.

Finding Internal DBAs for Your Business

Because of the responsibilities they handle, hiring an experienced DBA for an internal team has become incredibly competitive. There’s a high price attached to these IT professionals, and finding one with the expertise perfect for your environment’s needs adds additional complexity to the search. The rising costs attached to hiring an in-house DBA results in some companies failing to acquire or retain the specialists they need to properly leverage their database infrastructure.

Many enterprises in more rural parts of the country encounter the same struggle in finding a qualified DBA to manage their environment internally. With a smaller talent pool to access, the right expertise for your infrastructure may not be available, or simply be outside budget restrictions.

Gaining Continuous Experience with RDX

The struggle to find qualified, experienced DBAs has led many businesses to explore remote databases services from providers like RDX. Our aim is to give clients custom-tailored solutions providing supplemental support to existing internal teams or full-service database management services to bring you an optimized, highly available environment. Clients have access to specialized knowledge from DBAs and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across all key areas of database support, so your environment is always managed by those with the highest level skill set based on current needs.

Remote database services bring organizations the highly qualified knowledge they’ve had difficulty finding and retaining. This sought-after stability comes from our remote DBAs who are always learning and building their knowledge base to provide an exceptional level of support. With DBAs working in varying industries and specializing in different areas of support, your account has a team of DBAs at its disposal capable of managing your unique environment.

The ever-growing experience gained as an RDX DBA across unique client environments allows our remote database services to bring businesses the level of support they need. As one of our administrators put it, “3 years at RDX is equivalent to gaining 10 years of experience at another company.”

Retaining Talent at RDX

RDX takes a great deal of pride in not only hiring, but retaining talented, passionate individuals to service our clients. Our remote DBAs provide immense benefit to not only the accounts they manage, but to their teammates who leverage one another’s expertise when needed. The internal culture at RDX is a result of their work as a team to see each account succeed.

Our remote DBAs don’t just work behind a ticketing system – they integrate themselves into your business and become part of your team. Because of the immense value RDX DBAs provide to the clients and internal teams they support, we emphasize retaining our internal talent at RDX to continue to foster a team environment. This team atmosphere coupled with the continuous experience gained as an RDX DBA transfer to the work we do for our customers – helping organizations leverage their databases to the benefit of their business.

Whether your company is in need of data replication services or 24×7 database monitoring support, RDX is capable of providing customized support solutions for all your database and OS challenges. For more information, contact us today to speak to one of our representatives.


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