Business intelligence goes mobile with Microsoft



Welcome to the information age, a time when businesses have access to a wealth of different data, ranging from first-party collected facts to Web analytics metrics. While organizations have always used data in one form or another to drive decision-making processes, companies nowadays are easily gathering information from CRM and ERP systems as well as discovering a variety of different data sources, including social media, cybersecurity reporting tools and industry studies.

MarketsandMarkets called this the proliferation of data, and it is one of the many reasons why business intelligence solutions from Oracle and Microsoft are so valuable to many organizations. In fact, the source reported that the BI and analytics market is becoming increasingly competitive as a result. This is causing Microsoft and Oracle to make their business intelligence platforms even better, developing new APIs that enable easy integration with CRMs, ERPs, data mining tools and many other IT systems.

Introducing mobile BI
However, data proliferation is not the only factor driving the business intelligence market’s immense growth in recent years. MarketsandMarkets noted that the rapid surge in enterprise mobility inspired business intelligence to go mobile, and the good news is that users are on board with the trend. The source pointed out that mergers and acquisitions are to be expected during this market’s period of growth and expansion.

The popularity of mobile business intelligence is further evidenced by Microsoft’s entry into this field. TechCrunch reported that Microsoft has acquired Datazen, a mobile business intelligence and data visualization service with apps for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and the Web. The platform required Windows Server, IIS and .NET, and sticking to its roots, the Datazen software is available for free for Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition customers – 2008 and higher – as of last week.

The effects of the acquisition
​TechCrunch suggested that Microsoft will likely integrate Datazen technology into its own analytics solutions, and in the near future, organizations can expect to be using Microsoft-branded mobile business intelligence tools. Furthermore, Datazen is already optimized for SQL Server Analysis Services, and this acquisition will only serve to make the integration between the two platforms even tighter.

The partnership and integration between Microsoft and Datazen only increases the value of already relying on Microsoft’s SQL Server operating systems. However, despite the ease-of-use, many organizations need assistance with implementing, deploying and maintaining these environments. In order to ensure that companies get the most out of their business intelligence solutions, they should seek out help from remote, experienced DBAs to hit the ground running.

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