Security may be bolstered by the cloud

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As technology has become more advanced, many businesses have actually found it more difficult to keep their records and other resources safe from various damages. Whether they're protecting against system failures or cybercrimes, today's company leaders have a heavy burden to bear in terms of data security.

For a long time, cloud computing has been viewed as a risky solution that may actually decrease organizations' ability to safeguard important information. However, this may not be the problem it once was, and migrating to the cloud with the help of remote database support might be a strong tactic for improving security, especially when mobility initiatives such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are involved. 

Risk-free BYOD?
Joe Lazauskas of CenturyLink recently wrote in an article for Forbes that cloud computing may be among the key factors eliminating the risk of engaging in BYOD. The source noted that while company-supplied devices used to be significantly more secure than employee-owned ones, that's no longer the case, with Apple and Android adding stronger levels of encryption to their gadgets. In addition to this, cloud options are becoming safer to use, especially as they reduce the amount of effort IT departments may have to dedicate toward monitoring data, updating machines and more. 

"[The cloud] creates the framework from which BYOD can function," said Dermot Doherty, founder and CTO of iSpaces, the source reported. "It also eases the burden from IT departments to find proper devices for their employees, manage service plans and maintain the latest software and hardware upgrades."

Doherty added that another advantage of BYOD is that sensitive data isn't directly stored on any one device. Without the cloud, this wouldn't be possible.

ZDNet also noted recently that the issue of cloud security is quickly dissipating, and business users may become more comfortable with these increasingly safe solutions if they recognize that they are long-time cloud users. The source noted that because the vast majority of companies use email services, they have likely also used the cloud - only in very rare cases is email not cloud-based. This technology has served many firms well for years, so maybe it's time for enterprises to start giving the cloud a more serious look in other ways, the news provider recommended.

If organizations are careful to enter into the process of cloud migration and adopting BYOD with the help of remote database services, it's likely that these changes can result in great improvements to security.

RDX's highest priority is safeguarding customer information. To learn more about how RDX ensures data security, please visit our Focus on Security page or contact us.


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