Americans worried about healthcare data breaches

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For any organization, the fallout from a data breach can be catastrophic. In the wake of these events, many consumers not only suffer measurable negative impacts, but they feel betrayed. This may cause them to no longer use a business and even to tell others about their experience, leading to reputation damage for the responsible company. In healthcare, these rules still apply, especially because of the intensely personal nature of the information that can be leaked if practices aren't cautious. It is critical that medical care providers employ the help of remote dba experts to ensure that all data management solutions and policies are being effectively implemented.

Anxiety over breaches
According to TechTarget, a recent survey by Lieberman Research Group revealed that many Americans are aware of the risks to their personal records that exist within the healthcare industry, and they're nervous about the potential for compromises to occur. Among the respondents, 59 percent were concerned about a patient data breach, with 31 percent rating themselves as "somewhat" concerned. Additionally, 29 percent said that they are "very" worried about these incidents. 

Steve Vinsik, vice president of enterprise security solutions for Unisys, the company that commissioned the report, explained that these results should be sobering for leaders in medical organizations. The findings indicate that consumers are demanding that security is made a top priority among their physicians.

"From a business perspective, EHRs do the job," Vinsik said, TechTarget reported. "But what they aren't necessarily doing is providing that security. You have to think about security throughout the lifecycle, including continuous monitoring of that environment."

Health IT Security added that hospitals must take the time to engage in preventative measures, as well as develop a response plan. These efforts should include making sure that all medical devices are protected by passwords or the need for other types of login credentials. Encryption is also a necessity, as this renders all data on a gadget unusable to unauthorized parties. Additionally, healthcare organizations should be able to remotely wipe data as needed, which can prevent thieves from accessing patient information.

No medical facility should take the risk of not having the right security solutions. With remote database support, it's possible to ensure optimal security through stronger policies and more advanced IT tools.

RDX's highest priority is safeguarding customer information. To learn more about how RDX ensures data security, please visit our Focus on Security page or contact us.


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