Businesses should choose compliance

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Reaching and maintaining compliance is a major challenge that organizations in all industries face. Whether it's properly guarding personal information, securing financial data or another regulatory requirement, all businesses have legal standards that they need to adhere to. However, this doesn't mean that for some companies, compliance is treated as more of an option than a requirement. Poor practices in this regard can lead to major damages to a firm's finances, reputation and more, and because of this, it is essential that they deploy both technological solutions and remote dba experts to support security.

The power of choice
Glenn Phillips of Dark Reading recently explained in an article that despite industry-wide standards, compliance is a choice. He noted that if it were actually a requirement, many businesses would already have shuttered due to being found in violation of such policies, but this is not the case. In fact, there are a large number of organizations that go about their daily operations while failing to meet compliance or only achieving the bare minimum.

Phillips stressed, though, that just because enterprises can make the decision whether to be compliant doesn't mean that they should choose non-compliance. In fact, he emphasized that neglecting to make adjustments that will help a business run in line with industry regulations is often a sign of more pervasive and negative attitudes. If compliance is not a priority, what other corners are being cut? Philips said that eventually, the choice to fall short will catch up to companies, ultimately costing them their firms in many cases.

A PTC report stated that there are many costs related to non-compliance that enterprises must keep in mind if they wish to support the health of their budgets. The source explained that revenue is likely to be lost in both the short and long term, and it is probable that fines will be incurred.

While achieving and maintaining compliance can be costly, it is even more so to stay in violation. Fortunately, implementing strong IT solutions and professional remote database support can help an organization become more responsible and save money by adhering to all relevant industry requirements.

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