Companies increase expenditure for data center maintenance

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The space and power needed to implement and maintain a high-tech data center can be a strain on any business with a tight budget. A significant portion of these budgets are already dedicated to the upkeep of older technology that needs to be looked after by specialized professionals and updated constantly to keep IT security concerns at bay. In addition, companies are always looking for more square footage to expand their physical presence and boost the effectiveness of cloud storage solutions.

Businesses need more space to house their IT equipment hubs
Real estate markets devoted to providing space to host IT equipment are expanding rapidly, according to a recent report from DataCenter Knowledge. Year-end results from Avison Young showed that the total leasing volume for wholesale data center suites increased 25 percent from 2012 to 2013, primarily due to increased demand from social media companies and businesses looking to build their cloud capabilities. 

DataCenter Knowledge mentioned that demand for quality hosting space is pushing real estate deals out of traditional hubs in Virginia, Dallas and Silicon Valley. In the past year, deals exceeding 2 megawatts were closed in locations such as Sacramento, Atlanta, Denver, San Antonio and Houston. Twitter committed to a lease of 25 megawatts of data space, while Microsoft also expanded its operations by 17 megawatts over the course of three separate deals. 

The amount of natural resources required to maintain databases increases
Companies often underestimate the sheer quantity of energy it takes to keep a database running efficiently and effectively. A recent report from DataCenter Dynamics revealed that a new NSA data center in Maryland uses up to 5 million gallons of water every day to cool its expansive collection of servers. In addition, the organization has facilities in Colorado that take up over 1 million square feet and require an extra 3 million gallons a day to keep cool. Businesses need to take these numbers into account so that they don't fall victim to paying more than they bargained for when signing leases.

While these numbers are certainly daunting, are organizations such as the NSA using water effectively? DataCenter Dynamics brought up Green Grid's Water Usage Effectiveness Metric (WUE) that helps determine whether this valuable resource is being maximally utilized. Both Facebook and eBay showed better WUE rates than the NSA, so the government may have to revise the way it cools its many data storage centers.

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