Enterprise business enhanced by cloud networks

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Cloud computing is allowing big data enterprises to transform how they manage stores of information. Rather than relying on legacy solutions, such as on-premises datacenters, to house digital assets, businesses are now capable of purchasing scalable memory. With this strategy, it's easier for IT managers to upgrade storage swiftly.

More options means more solutions
In addition to these strategies, InformationWeek reported that the recent surge of cloud services has provided enterprises with new options for crafting unique and efficient methods of governing their data. For example, information can be partitioned into different sections of the storage space according to how often it is accessed.

As the cloud enables employees to sync with data at any time, as long as they are utilizing an Internet-optimized device, the introduction of a cloud-based infrastructure could potentially make certain layers of information more heavily trafficked. According to the source, however, enterprises can now leverage flash storage arrays, which will provide organizations with an alternative storage functionality to handle increases in data access. All other information that typically has a much lower traffic rate can still be housed traditionally. 

Hybrid cloud options, such as the example listed above, enable IT managers to retain more control over their sensitive data. Converged cloud infrastructures, for instance, allow decision-makers to leverage more applications that can be deployed across digital architectures. These strategies, such as database administration services, provide organizations with fully-operational cloud solutions that can be configured to support the overall needs of the company. Remote DBA services also make categorizing data simpler and faster, which allow tech teams to focus their energies on maintaining the daily operations of the company.

Transforming the business landscape
The Guardian noted that cloud computing has become more than a trend in the enterprise landscape. More companies are integrating a cloud option into their existing infrastructures, making it easier for them to augment the speed and agility of their services. Additionally, as the cloud advances, more options are becoming available for IT managers that will allow companies to maintain a stronger edge over their competition. 

Decision-makers should be considering how the cloud can transform their operations without costing more in legacy upgrades.

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