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For much of the globe, inclement weather means that commuters will face difficulties getting to the office. Technology-savvy individuals, however, will have no trouble finishing their workloads if their companies have leveraged a cloud solution.

Ensuring continuity with a cloud-based infrastructure
According to CloudTech, St. Jude, the hurricane that tore across the UK in late Oct., threatened the commuting patterns of thousands of employees. Despite Britain's best efforts at clearing away felled trees and reestablishing order, most of Calgary's office-workers were unable to reach their destinations. Organizations that support a cloud-based working environment, however, were able to continue production. 

The source reported that the cloud's remote access capabilities enabled individuals to work from home during the worst of the storm. By utilizing popular platforms, such as Dropbox, employees had immediate access to important files that they could not have retrieved with a legacy, on-premises storage solution. Additionally, because of its flexibility, organizations can fully customize their cloud-based solutions by outfitting their digital architectures with enhanced applications.

Customization with unique applications
Forbes reported that as the digital storage industry evolves, more applications are being developed that allow IT managers to customize their infrastructures. Decision-makers should be aware of how these solutions work before they purchase them, however. Database administration software, for example, makes categorizing big data simpler and more efficient. It also provides businesses with a fully-equipped infrastructure that can be further customized, with support from the remote DBA experts.

The source also noted that cloud-based infrastructures are simple to use and make training programs for new employees more effective. For instance, organizations can load videos and important documents onto the cloud that can be downloaded by individuals anywhere, at any time, as long as they have access to the Internet. 

Furthermore, existing storage options, such as datacenters, can be united with the cloud in a hybrid solution. These integrate legacy storage facilities with a digital, cloud-based strategy, allowing business leaders to retain sensitive information on-premise and deploy the rest. 

Decision-makers who are considering a transition to the cloud should outline a goal for their operation first. By doing this, it will be much easier to conceptualize the above-mentioned benefits.

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