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The usefulness of database access supplied by Oracle's information management systems is important to consider when businesses are hoping to optimize the agility of their infrastructures. According to The Motley Fool, Oracle is continuing to produce advancements in database administration services, ranging from sophisticated information processing and updates to its new engineered hardware line. 

According to the source, the database services offered by Oracle are expected to continue expanding throughout 2013. Between 2012 and the present, company revenue increased to $1.24 million. Oracle's primary source of income is its dual-patterned hardware and software model and the upgrades that sustain the product for continued consumption. Businesses that are leery of utilizing a fully-integrated cloud-based infrastructure can leverage Oracle as its primary application and still reap the benefits of remote data access, which is one of the key components of a cloud service. 

Reasons to choose Oracle
According to NewsFactor, Oracle is integrating more speed into its services by premiering in-memory option for database accessibility. With in-memory, businesses will be able to easily store more information in Oracle's rows and columns, allowing for an increase in transactional and analytical processing. Essentially, this will allow IT managers the option to retain old software and still upgrade the overall memory capabilities of the existing applications. 

Additionally, with the in-memory option, businesses will have the opportunity to enhance the speed with which data is committed to storage. Oracle operates within a heterogeneous data center model, utilizing flash and tape storage as its primary solutions. According to Oracle's website, these options enable IT managers to strengthen on-premises data infrastructure. With the influx of information being outsourced to the cloud, firms that prefer to keep sensitive digital assets in-house can benefit from the various storage capabilities of Oracle, such as the archival components of tape storage.

Oracle and the Cloud
The Motley Fool reported that despite its competitors, Oracle's offerings for cloud-based optimization are still preferred. As one of the leading database experts, Oracle provides companies with a complete management system that is engineered for cloud-based activity. Typically, when a corporation transitions to the cloud, the IT management team must coordinate which cloud services will be rendered and then update the business's infrastructure without much guidance from the cloud providers. NewsFactor reported, however, that Oracle's fully-optimized system will prevent firms from negotiating the transition alone. 

Migrating to a new database service can be difficult, but Oracle provides a framework upon which businesses can build their perfect data solution. 

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