Is cloud the best option?

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With the rise in cloud computing creating new options for businesses, potential gaps in security are increasingly debated by IT managers. One of these concerns includes the inability to directly control resources that are outsourced to a third-party database administration. 

What to look for in cloud security
BusinessNewsDaily reported that legacy data centers, although expensive, are still the most secure versions of big data storage because the technology is stored and maintained by in-house IT managers. Despite reassurances that the cloud is safe, it is up to businesses to determine if their provider has a reputation for adequate safety. 

The news source also noted that this lack of standardization raises questions about the safety of cloud computing. At present, there are no widely accepted guidelines governing the production and sales of cloud services.

Another threat to cloud security comes from under-training personnel. According to BusinessNewsDaily, employees mishandling security access is a leading source of security breach for businesses that have transitioned to the cloud.  Because of its flexibility and ability to easily share information across a variety of devices, staff members who are not equipped with adequate training to perform within the cloud can accidentally divulge security codes to outsiders.

Is cloud worth it?
ABC reported that cloud infrastructures are the best solution for businesses because of some of the very same features that raise alarms in business security. The array of options available for service on the cloud, such as its scalable storage and its cost-effective startup rates, make transitioning to this strategy easy to accomplish for companies with data storage needs.

Additionally, the news source noted that the growth in cloud service has made its potential security hazards easier to manage as providers include innovative solutions to some of the problems noted above. Concerns about the internal misuse of data by employees is also mitigated by the ability to tailor different cloud services together into a hybrid model, which can allow for on-premises deployments that are fully controlled by in-house IT teams. With this model, firms can decide how to separate data for to compensate for overtly sensitive materials.

In an effort to promote additional safety measures, remote database services exist to better support the deployment of new cloud-based infrastructures. These options present IT teams with the ability to optimize their big data storage with simplified organization strategies and added data maintenance. 

RDX's highest priority is safeguarding customer information. To learn more about how RDX ensures data security, please visit our Focus on Security page or contact us.

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