Hiring for expertise: Making sure the team is cloud savvy

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For businesses beginning a transition to the cloud, infrastructures will change in unique and ultimately beneficial ways. There will be adjustments to their demands on IT, causing some companies to consider how they hire tech workers.

TechRepublic reported that competition for new IT staff members is growing. More companies are hoping to flesh out their tech teams with individuals who can demonstrate an expertise in cloud services and big data, which are two of the components in enterprise infrastructure that are constantly shifting. This dynamic atmosphere in regards to business computing solutions has led to an increase in the number of individuals who are pursuing careers in IT, but the source noted that this demand might be outpacing the acquisition of in-demand skills. 

Cloud expertise as a lucrative career path
Although end-users should find the cloud to be simple to use and easy to implement, TechTarget reported that managing a database that is typically housed off-premises and utilizes several different components, such as a scalable storage systems and remote data access, can be challenging for the individuals who are responsible for its upkeep. 

According to the source, tech managers should be equipped to handle the rapid development of cloud's offerings. Another of this solution's beneficial qualities is its agile implementation speed, which also means business directors can reconsider their provider without much difficulty. IT teams should be capable of providing the necessary support to prepare infrastructures for these swift changes. 

With a cloud-optimized strategy, companies also have the option to deploy several supporting applications, such as remote database experts. These make categorizing and refining big data simpler and also allow IT teams the opportunity to better coordinate how big data is stored. It also means, however, that potential tech hires should be able to work within this technology effectively.

It is also important for new hires to be capable of combining business strategy with the cloud model. This solution is highly fluid, allowing for companies to change virtually any aspects of their goals, and the team responsible for these infrastructures should be able to support this level of flexibility. The source noted that, because of this, having a sense of how enterprises function outside of their technologies is important.

As more businesses adopt the cloud, companies should consider who is managing their infrastructures. A strong IT management team will make the transition to cloud that much better. 

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