Combining networks and the cloud for more options

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Cloud service providers are constantly adapting to the shifting requirements in IT infrastructure. Similarly, big data networks are now having to keep up with how swiftly businesses are leveraging cloud-based digital architectures. All of this means that decision-makers are in a good place to be highly selective with their service options.

Combining cloud with big data solutions
Cloud computing is a highly flexible, customizable resource that can be shaped to meet the needs of the organization. Similarly, businesses are now able to leverage additional options, such as cloud-based applications that strengthen security. 

Data Center Knowledge reported that the virtualization of infrastructures is leading to an increase in the number of ways that businesses can safeguard their cloud-based storage solutions. With a digital architecture, IT managers are capable of exerting more control over aspects of companies' various technologies.

For example, with the cloud's scalable storage options, decision-makers can fluidly raise or lower the amount of space that is purchased from the provider. Additionally, it's much simpler for IT technicians to divide up digital resources in order to assist with the categorization of data.

According to the source, it's also possible to use customizable applications, such as database administration solutions, to provide an extra layer of security. Not only do cloud providers deploy their own high-quality methods of cyberattack prevention, remote DBA experts are also dedicated to the safety of their clients' outsourced information. 

Who should consider the cloud?
UT San Diego reported that organizations of any size and project load are capable of utilizing a cloud solution. Although there are very different requirements for big data enterprises and small businesses, cloud offerings can be tailored to include companies that prefer to retain their legacy options.

Hybrid strategies, which are the various combinations of typical cloud services and separate options, such as legacy storage structures or private clouds, are becoming more popular. The source noted that if decision-makers are skeptical of the benefits provided on the cloud, it's possible to begin the transition by outsourcing only a fraction of the company's information during peak hours. 

Establishing new infrastructures is a daunting task, but if businesses are dedicated to keeping up with the changing landscape of storage technologies, there are several ways that the shift to the cloud can be done simply and efficiently.

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