Cloud provides business with remote data, flexibility

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Companies are beginning to lean on cloud storage options more as advances in big data support services, such as database administration, become more collaborative. Additionally, with this strategy, the affordability of cloud has become a major draw when companies begin the process of transitioning to an alternative infrastructure. As a result, big data analytics use has become more than a transient trend as enterprises augment their business models.

How cloud continues to upgrade big data
Data Center Knowledge reported that it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to find new and intuitive methods for storing their massive quantities of information. In addition to its storage, the source noted that new methods of acquiring big data are driving support technology providers to manufacture cost-effective solutions. 

Cloud storage is highly fluid, allowing decision-makers to spend as much or as little on services as they need to, according to the amount of space that is required at any given time. For instance, if a business expects to see major expansion in an upcoming quarter, with a cloud-enhanced infrastructure, it can easily spend more capital to prepare for the influx of data. Concurrently, if the company no longer feels it is necessary to support a big data storage load, it can scale back just as easily. 

In addition to noting cloud's scalable offerings, Data Center Knowledge reported that large information stores are safer from natural disasters than with legacy infrastructures. Traditionally, all data was housed on-premises, where IT managers had full control over the company's digital assets. With a cloud solution, information is typically outsourced to the provider, where it is safeguarded by an external tech team. As another benefit of this strategy is its ability to connect information to multiple devices, relieving the business from having to manage its own big data can also decrease the amount of money spent on IT payroll. 

The safety expectations of remote data
According to Host Review, security inthe cloud is still a highly debated topic. With off-premises solutions, businesses must rely almost exclusively on the technology support of their providers. This can lead to unexpected outages in service and the potential for cyberattacks. Despite these potential hazards, however, the source reported that cloud is still the optimal strategy for heightened productivity. 

In addition to counting on the provider's IT management team, decision-makers can leverage a remote database solution that will add another layer of security and provide assistance with categorizing information. Businesses that prefer high flexibility should consider how these strategies can work for their working models. 

RDX's business intelligence and big data experts assist customers in leveraging data contained in large data stores. For more information, please visit our Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics pages or contact us.

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