Cloud management systems help tech teams harvest big data

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As a result of the myriad advances in cloud services, business strategies are shifting their infrastructures by searching for more convenient methods of management. For companies to make the smoothest transition, IT managers should consider how complex their cloud solution  may become. InfoWorld reported that the more complicated an infrastructure becomes, the more important it is that decision makers consider supporting their cloud solutions with applications that automate some features. 

Cloud management systems
According to InfoWorld, there are several methods of cloud computing being deployed across the industry, and as the technologies advance, they're regularly being upgraded to streamline business infrastructure objectives. For instance, one of the cloud's core offerings is its ability to provide companies with a scalable storage structure. With this model, IT managers are able to flex how their data is stored up or down, depending on the need of the business. Accordingly, this allows enterprises to construct big data stores, which are difficult to manage.

Remote database experts provide an example of an automated system that can assist with the maintenance of large stores of information. With this option, another third-party provider will contracted to help IT teams categorize big data, which will then allow for simpler retrieval of specific information. With such a vast amount of information, it's important that companies have a method of extracting what they need from their yields. Database administration also provides an added layer of protection between the business and potential threats to its security.

The importance of security
InformationWeek reported that safeguarding the cloud is becoming a constant battle for IT managers. While flexibility and cost-effectiveness make the system attractive, migrating to the cloud is risky because the technology is still maturing. There are, however, ways in which businesses can protect themselves that do not put additional strains on the tech team - or the budget. 

Encryption can provide businesses with more direct control over their data. By utilizing this strategy, IT managers lock information behind a unique code that prevents unwanted viewers from being able to penetrate it without a key. In addition to this strategy, InformationWeek noted that using cloud management platforms (CMP), such as the database administration techniques listed above, will provide infrastructures with the added benefits of their security protocols. 

Entrusting big data to another source can be daunting, but it is important to remember that there are applications designed to simplify the process. 

RDX's highest priority is safeguarding customer information. To learn more about how RDX ensures data security, please visit our Focus on Security page or contact us.

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