As the cloud expands, businesses gain more options

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The landscape of cloud computing is constantly changing, allowing businesses to define their own unique infrastructures. In addition to scalable storage, which lets decision-makers change their space allocations with ease, enterprises are now able to craft their own applications that are deployed over a cloud infrastructure. 

This allows IT managers to leverage virtually limitless options to compete against other enterprises. Because of the cost-effectiveness of cloud services, frequent transformations to business models won't negatively affect their operational budgets. 

Cloud maturity upgrading business options
According to Cloud Tech, 451 Research found that the maturity of the cloud has enabled decision-makers and IT managers to define their own business needs, rather than relying on one set of a provider's features. With this option, enterprises leverage their own cloud services in-house, allowing for absolute control over data, rather than relying on a third-party source to manage sensitive information.

According to the source, 55 percent of enterprises are utilizing their IT budgets for on-premises solutions. Growth in the popularity of infrastructure-as-a-model (IaaS) is responsible for this projected shift from private to public, as this solution is deployed over an off-premises solution. 

Increased network capability on the cloud
Scott Matteson, a contributing writer for TechRepublic, reported that changes in the cloud are preparing businesses to select and deploy different supportive applications, such as database administration solutions. Cloud-based applications are optimized to work within digital infrastructures to provide enterprises with unique methods of operating their day-to-day operations.

For businesses that deal in big data, off-premises application options, such as remote database services, make it possible for decision-makers to outsource their information to a secure network. Once this solution is set up and running, information will be categorized and maintained according to the decision-maker's instructions. The cloud's remote access capabilities will make it possible for businesses to access this data at any time, without risking latency issues from large information transfers and backup load times. 

Although making changes to a complex network can be a daunting task, it's important that businesses consider all of the cloud-based options that make upgrading simple and efficient. 

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