New study highlights the concrete value of cloud computing

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As interest in cloud computing steadily rises, studies are showing that the benefits to these technologies are finally paying off. With remote database support, businesses can leverage cloud solutions for a significant positive impact, including a major boost in efficiency, productivity and savings for a competitive advantage. 

An annual survey by RightScale of IT and business executives demonstrated that firms are adopting cloud computing at a rapid rate, and further, that companies which expand investments in these technologies reap more rewards and experience fewer challenges.

"In our 2013 State of the Cloud survey, we were able to gather meaningful insights as to how an organization's level of cloud maturity impacts both the benefits they are able to realize and the challenges they perceive," said Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale. "The results reveal a clear cloud value imperative: more cloud adoption unlocks more cloud value."

RightScale defined a cloud maturity model in the survey in order to segment companies based on their level of adoption and analyze which methods are most effective. The majority of businesses fell into the "Cloud Focused" category, demonstrating heavy and strategic use of these tools to transform the business, followed by "Cloud Beginners" that are still working on initial projects. Only 8 percent of companies have no plans to use the cloud. Organizations reported experiencing significantly more benefits as they progress from throughout the maturity model. While 30 percent of Cloud Beginners gained faster access to infrastructure, an overwhelming 87 percent of Cloud Focused respondents realized the same outcome. Further, the risks decrease with maturity: Security was reported as a challenge to 38 percent of Cloud Beginners as compared to 28 percent of Cloud Focused companies.

Challenges fade
InfoWorld contributor David Linthicum noted that these findings are unsurprising and in step with cloud computing market revenues have indicated. He explained that as businesses become more comfortable with cloud computing concepts, the less significant issues such as security, compliance and resiliency may seem. For example, he pointed out that many firms find ownership daunting, but issues relating to managing cloud solutions can be quickly mitigated with proactive and strategic planning.

As cloud computing becomes more sophisticated, the potential opportunities that come with deployment are endless. And by seeking dba services, businesses will be able to fully leverage these solutions with minimal risks and a considerable competitive edge during the transition.

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