Big data driving new IT staffing demands

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With the expansion of big data, mobile technologies, cloud computing and virtualization, many companies have become overwhelmed by a greater need for database management. And as harnessing and deriving value from data is the key to a competitive advantage, corporations depend on support from dba services.

Datamation reported that according to Robert Half Technology, the amount of available candidates for IT is decreasing, while demand for technology experts continues to climb. In fact, the source revealed that the average salary for a database manager is between $101,750 and $140,750 this year. This is an increase of 5.4 percent over the average salary for this position in 2012. In 2006, these professionals made between $81,250 and $110,250, which demonstrates how the position's value is on the rise. Further, the source revealed that Oracle database skills garner an additional 9 percent salary increase this year, while SQL Server skills offer an additional 10 percent.

Emphasis on big data
According to Information Management, one major area of focus for enterprises looking to integrate new IT skills is big data, which icrunchdata has found is generating a "hyper growth niche" career field. The company reported that currently, there are nearly 600,000 jobs centered around these skills and by 2015, this phenomenon will create 4.4 million positions around the world, of which 1.9 million will be in the United States. The vast majority of these jobs are focused on analytics, which comprise 220,767 of the total. The second largest segment, which comprises 127,329 jobs, deals with data volume and variety. These positions will be especially important as the scope of big data grows to incorporate more external and unstructured sources, such as social media or sensor information.

Icrunchdata spokesman Todd Nevins commented on the considerable hype that big data staffing has driven.

"We aren't seeing any signs of a slow down on our side from companies recruiting big data talent due to the massive opportunities in their data," Nevins said, the source reported. "We don't expect to see any pull back in the foreseeable future as long as the ROI continues to exceed the expense of finding, recruiting and retaining big data talent."

As businesses look to mine actionable insights from massive caches of data, database administrators (DBAs) and managers will continue to be an integral component of making these projects feasible and moreover, successful.

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