Big data challenges can be overcome with the right skills, tools

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Big data analysis has come to play a major role in providing enterprises with a competitive advantage. However, many firms are still struggling to effectively manage and mine these large caches of information, which are only continuing to grow, integrating new sources and formats that complicate the process. As a result, businesses need to deploy the skills of database experts in efforts to fuel more accurate and efficient decision-making.

Network World reported that a recent panel discussion at Interop in Las Vegas discussed the immense potential opportunities that come with big data analysis. According to the news source, these initiatives enable companies to gain a new level of visibility into current operations and tailor products and services based on consumer trends. And as new data storage, analytics and visualization tools emerge, enterprises have the chance to understand this information more easily than before. Bruno Aziza, vice president of marketing for SiSense, explained that the market for big data has been growing, forcing more enterprises both small and large to take notice.

"Businesses are starting to take control of the issue and figure out how they can use it," Aziza said, according to Network World.

He noted that due to the expanding amount of data available to businesses and advanced platforms for handling it, firms of all sizes can capitalize on the benefits of these analytics.

Breaking down barriers
Enterprise Apps Today reported there are still obstacles to big data implementation, however. In order to move beyond these roadblocks, firms need to adapt to demands for new skills, develop a clear plan for these projects, achieve more synchronized strategies between IT and other departments and deploy the latest solutions for handling analysis. The source explained that by "reskilling," enterprises can better train IT teams to utilize new technologies as well as empower other areas of the company to apply these analytics. This is a complicated process, however, and may require remote dba services for support. Enterprise Apps Today pointed out that IT needs to understand how to handle sensor-derived or unstructured data, such as social media information and other external sources. Unstructured sources could include smartphone photos or GPS tracking data, and is often the most valuable for providing companies with insight into customers.

The real advantages of big data come with customization, however. With support and guidance, firms can automate unnecessary tasks and engage in new ways with customers using in-depth analytics and searches that are tailored to address specific issues or concerns.

RDX's business intelligence and big data experts assist customers in leveraging data contained in large data stores. For more information, please visit our Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics pages or contact us.

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