Corporations looking to fill the gap between IT and HR

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Rapidly emerging cloud, business intelligence (BI) and mobile technologies, as well as big data, demand new skills and talents from IT employees. In order to maintain a competitive edge, companies will need to seek out database experts and capitalize on the possibilities these new trends provide for deeper analytic insights from business information.

Recent studies by CareerBuilder found that the most difficult positions to fill for U.S. companies are in the IT department. Of those companies that have been unable to fill positions, 41 percent have experienced a loss of productivity because of the shortage. Another 21 percent cited a loss of revenue due to unfulfilled IT needs, while 22 percent admitted an ability to grow business. Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, commented on these findings.

"The inability to fill high skill jobs can have an adverse ripple effect, hindering the creation of lower-skilled positions, company performance and economic expansion," he stated.

Resolving the shortage with external support
IT Pro Portal reported that because new requirements for IT talent still haven't been met, corporations are in fierce competition to fill these positions. However, firms can outsource for remote database services to leverage expertise that is not available internally. The source asserted that in-demand IT skills will continue to rise as technology evolves. To address the shortage, it is imperative to find and nurture IT talent while leveraging third-party support to ensure that operations remain efficient as new tools and devices are adopted.

According to ComputerWeekly, companies that combine IT and HR efforts can transform the business environment and better capitalize on social media, big data analytics and cloud-based HR solutions. By taking advantage of new cloud-based and big data analytical tools, HR departments can improve talent management and recruitment processes. Jon Ingham, HR technology consultant and analyst, explained to ComputerWeekly that there are considerable opportunities for growth if this gap between HR and IT can be filled.

"What you have is a huge gap between what organizations are doing and what they could be doing, in one of the areas that is becoming the most important for business," he told the source. "We have done marketing, we have done supply chain, we have done finance, we have not done HR. So there is a big potential to make a difference here."

It will be increasingly imperative to embrace new IT trends for efficiency and differentiation in the competitive marketplace. By seeking third-party assistance to aid in managing these technologies, firms can ensure that productivity and profitability do not suffer.

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