Mobile business intelligence plays catch-up with big data

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Big data is only getting bigger. As the amount of digital data increases exponentially in the coming years, mobile platforms will be the primary source for the growing flow of information and database quality, according to a recent report from Business Insider that examined a BI Intelligence study. Canadian Bank CIBC predicted that the quantity of data will grow by a multiplier of 50 over the next 10 years. Unsurprisingly, smartphone use already accounts for a substantial majority of that information.

Business Insider explored some of the ways BI Intelligence predicted mobile technology will play into the future of big data, suggesting that optimization and personalization of the user experience will see a huge surge, along with advertising fueled by location data. The news source reminded smartphone users that they are constantly creating data, even when their devices are left unused in their pockets. As these trails of data become consolidated and analyzed, a bigger picture of app and search trends will begin to appear.

Where mobile BI needs to improve
Despite the clear trend of mobile platforms as a source for endless streams of data, Computer Weekly recently reported that a only a handful of companies are adopting mobile business intelligence solutions and even fewer are taking advantage of social media analytics. Citing a recent Business Application Research Center (BARC) BI survey, CW reported that a mere 16 percent of companies are using mobile BI, twice the percentage of use two years ago. This is likely due to a number of issues plaguing the implementation of these mobile resources, with security being the main culprit.

"We've seen simple starts, with dashboards on tablets, but once underway we start to see problems, especially with security and central mobile device management," Carsten Bange, CEO of BARC, told the news source. "Security mechanisms are only just being introduced in some of the software. We saw one project that was fully developed for 100 people, and the company CSO stopped the whole project. So 'include security from the beginning' is a lesson there."

The opportunities for businesses to implement this technology are endless, but mobile BI needs to be refined before its use becomes widespread. Other problems such as screen size adaptation have popped up as companies try to switch from one platform to another. As the demand for fluid integration across platforms increases, businesses should expect mobile BI to be yet another industry standard.

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