Nearly half of American hospitals leverage BI

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Medical organizations are like any other business in that they rely on data to thrive. As it becomes ever more important for hospitals to provide excellent care and improve efficiency to meet their performance-related and budgetary goals, it's no longer enough to simply sit on all of the information that's collected over time. If healthcare facilities use business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics, they can unlock the vast amount of potential stored in patient records and other resources. However, a lack of in-house expertise can stall these efforts, making it critical to use remote database services to engage in these projects.

Hospitals adopting BI
In a recent survey of 500 U.S. hospitals by HIMSS Analytics, researchers found that 46 percent of respondents are using clinical and business intelligence (C&BI) solutions to improve their performance. Among the organizations polled, enterprise data warehouses were the most popular platforms for storing and pulling the information necessary for these C&BI efforts. 

The substantial number of healthcare establishments using BI and data analytics tools is encouraging, but it's possible that a large number of these facilities are still being held back from fully committing to such projects because of persistent concerns. Fierce Health IT reported that in a study by CIC Advisory, experts revealed that budgetary worries and a lack of skilled IT workers are preventing many hospitals from making the most of their patient information. In fact, many hospitals find themselves without staff members whose job is to run analytics and BI initiatives, so these efforts are often pushed on employees who already have other pressing responsibilities. This may result in less than satisfactory results, as the departments taking care of BI and analytics tasks don't have the opportunity to devote their full attention to this part of their jobs.

How can hospitals without robust in-house IT departments engage in BI and data analytics projects without straining their budgets or heaping unnecessary stress to other staff members? Medical organizations should consider looking into remote database support. Not every hospital has its own IT experts on hand, but every healthcare facility can obtain them.

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