Customization, expert support critical for big data success

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As organizations come to recognize big data analytics as more than just a passing trend, many leaders are asking themselves how and why they should initiate such projects in their own companies. One unique thing about these solutions is that there may not be one common answer, as it is becoming increasingly apparent that what makes big data such an asset to enterprises is its customizability. 

Dark Reading's Adrian Lane recently commented on this critical aspect of big data analytics, noting that these efforts are important because they steer firms away from using "pre-packed relational systems." While it used to be necessary for IT departments to work backwards, constructing the technologies they needed by tweaking more standardized ones to their needs, big data represents a "building block approach to databases," which allows for customization from the beginning. Users can put together different combinations of solutions, including data storage, orchestration and more, to meet their specific requirements. Lane ultimately asserted that big data won't be going away anytime soon, in part because of the unmatched flexibility these modular platforms allow. 

But does it work?
Because so much about every big data platform and analytics project is completely unique, businesses can't enter into these efforts alone. If companies lack best-of-breed solutions and support, they may fall short of their own expectations. A recent study by Wikibon asserted that 46 percent of big data practitioners admit they have only achieved partial value with their big data initiatives. Another 2 percent of respondents even deemed their exploits as failures. The source attributed this fact to a few primary elements, including a distinct lack of highly skilled big data experts.

This deficit doesn't mean that there aren't any big data specialists out there today. The case is quite the opposite: If enterprises know where to look, they can find the help they need without having to hire a new IT workforce. Remote database services present organizations with affordable, reliable assistance that can assist them in getting the maximum return on investment from their big data projects.

To stay at the forefront of their industries, firms need to adopt the latest and greatest technologies. While it may be daunting to dive headfirst into big data analytics, remote dba experts can make certain the process yields the best possible results.

RDX's business intelligence and big data experts assist customers in leveraging data contained in large data stores. For more information, please visit our Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics pages or contact us.

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