Businesses feel better about big data

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Big data analytics is still among the newer trends in the IT landscape, and this means organizations are just starting to take strong stances on this technology. While many companies were once reticent about engaging in big data initiatives, it appears that those days may be coming to an end. With the help of best-of-breed analytics solutions and remote database support, firms are ready to uncover new insights and use that information to their advantage.

In a recent survey by CompTIA, 78 percent of respondents asserted that they feel more favorably about big data than they did just one year ago. However, nearly 80 percent of executives polled said they feel there is a need for more advanced real-time analytics solutions. This may be related to the fact that eight out of 10 enterprises admitted they still struggle with information silos in their operations. 

Still, 57 percent of those polled stated they are either where they want to be or close to it when it comes to data management and utilization, a 37 percent improvement from 2012.

"While the threshold for what constitutes big data continues to evolve, businesses of all sizes will seek ways to unlock additional value from the data that's most relevant to them, be it on a large or small scale," said Tim Herbert, vice president of research and market intelligence for CompTIA.

The good news keeps coming for big data analytics
According to a survey by Gartner, there is even more good news on the horizon. The analyst firm determined that among 720 of its Gartner Research Circle members, 64 percent of organizations are investing or expecting to invest in big data during 2013. In 2012, this figure only reached 58 percent. 

It's clear that companies are slowly realizing just how important big data analytics can be for a competitive advantage, and that it's no longer sufficient to sit on the sidelines. If enterprises want to rise to the top of their respective fields, they need to uncover information that only these advanced solutions can reveal. While the process sounds intimidating, it doesn't have to be. With remote dba experts on hand, any business, no matter its size, can gain significant benefits from big data projects.

RDX's business intelligence and big data experts assist customers in leveraging data contained in large data stores. For more information, please visit our Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics pages or contact us.

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