Speed must be considered in data analytics projects

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Gaining a competitive advantage in today's business world requires the right IT solutions. With the help of the insight they can gain from their vast stores of customer information, companies are developing better products and generating higher quality experiences for clients, ultimately driving improvements to their bottom lines. But to achieve these ends, organizations have to choose big data analytics solutions that move as quickly as their respective industries do. Working with remote dba experts and the most advanced technologies, firms in any sector can rise to the top of their fields.

The importance of speed
According to Businessweek, while the enthusiasm for big data analytics only continues to grow, many enterprises are experiencing the very real challenges that come with deploying solutions that don't achieve adequate speeds. The source noted that it's critical businesses don't forget just how important time to insight is when it comes to these projects, as velocity is what really fuels the value of big data. If leaders are not generating the information they need swiftly, they may lose out on valuable opportunities to put their findings into action. Slowdowns can greatly limit the return-on-investment (ROI) of analytics initiatives.

The news provider explained that solving these speed problems requires a multi-faceted approach. Organizations need to commit to integrating best-of-breed solutions that are designed to quicken time to insight. On the other other hand, they also need the right assistance for experts, such as in-house data scientists and remote database support. After all, implementing solutions without the right professionals to make sense of the information gleaned would be a fruitless endeavor.

Speeding ahead
Although there may be some challenges to address when it comes to big data analytics, this isn't stopping businesses from seeing the importance of using these technologies to assume positions at the forefront of their industries. Research by Gartner estimates that while IT spending may currently be heavily focused on aspects such as security and storage management, enterprises are likely to begin prioritizing big data projects in 2014, along with data integration tools, data quality solutions and enterprise content management.

In embarking on the journey toward greater insight, firms must be sure that they are deploying big data analytics technologies that can match the demanding pace of the current business world. In addition, these businesses will need to contract adequate support to ensure success. With this in mind, companies will be well on their way to making the most of their big data investments. 

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