Business intelligence can bolster hospitals' results

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In the healthcare industry, it's particularly important for processes to run as smoothly as possible. If operations aren't running at optimal levels, it's possible not only for hospitals to fail to work within their strict budgetary constraints, but levels of patient care may suffer at the same time. Especially in the new age of electronic health records (EHRs) and more stringent standards that medical facilities need to follow to achieve compliance, it's critical that leaders are using all the tools available to them to thrive in this more complicated environment. Using remote database services to assist in business intelligence (BI) projects, these organizations may be able to reach new heights of efficiency and quality.

According to EHR Intelligence, BI tools may be helpful in several important ways. In one sense, these resources may be useful for improving workflow. If internal operations run more smoothly, healthcare practices are likely to see reductions in mistakes and waste, in terms of both products and employee time. Streamlining financial and clinical processes will help hospitals get the most out of their budgets.

Additionally, the source noted that paired with the use of EHRs, BI can help medical organizations provide patients with enhanced care, which is not only important to individuals, but the institution's funding. Especially for ACOs, BI gives physicians a better look at how they are doing in terms of actually helping patients get well.

InformationWeek pointed out that BI may be the key to introducing higher levels of personalization into healthcare. Healthcare Editor Paul Cerrato wrote that in one example, Massachusetts General Hospital was able to mine the patient data at 12 outpatient practices located in eastern Massachusetts to identify individuals at risk of metabolic syndrome. With the assistance of BI tools, the hospitals looked for "clusters of risk factors" for cardiovascular disease and diabetes and found thousands of patients that were more likely to develop these diseases within several years. Using that information, physicians can give those patients individualized preventative care, reducing their chances of suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular disease in the future.

Working with remote dba experts, healthcare organizations can harness the power of BI to ensure patients are receiving the best care possible, all while meeting any crucial budgetary requirements.

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