Analytics technologies could improve population's well-being

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In the healthcare industry, IT solutions are often leveraged with the goal of bettering patient care. While advanced solutions can certainly help enhance operations in the hospital setting, reduce unnecessary costs and produce a number of other improvements, IT experts in the medical sphere are continuously looking to advancing the quality of care individuals receive within their walls. With the help of big data analytics technologies and remote database support, healthcare organizations may be able to achieve these important goals.

A healthier population
According to InformationWeek, analytics tools may soon be harnessed to assist with population health management. In a new study by eHealth Initiative (eHI) and College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME), 82 percent of 102 healthcare industry executives surveyed stated that population health management will be among their key focuses in the coming years. Nearly as many (80 percent) considered big data and predictive analytics solutions to be important elements for their organizations to accomplish their goals. 

At the same time, while the responding CIOs and other C-suite leaders thought big data and analytics tools are going to play a crucial role in their future, 84 percent admitted that actually deploying these solutions is likely to be a significant challenge. Additionally, just 45 percent asserted they had developed flexible, scalable plans to address the increasing amounts of electronic information they are collecting.

It's important that professionals develop viable solutions to the difficulties that may arise when it comes to improving population health management and other medical initiatives through big data and analytics. The Information Daily pointed out that it's unlikely that the amount of information healthcare organizations are juggling will decrease anytime soon, especially as even more projects are rolled out. The source noted that telemedicine is also helping physicians gather more insight into their patients' conditions with the help of sensors and other technologies. It will take a concerted effort to mine that information to gain meaningful knowledge, but the payoff should be positive in terms of the better treatment individuals will receive.

If medical care providers opt to use remote database services to assist in making sense of their massive caches of data, they will stand a much better chance of achieving the desired results from their big data projects.

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