Zoo, museum improve results with big data analytics

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With the help of remote database support, the potential for organizations to leverage IT solutions to their advantage is nearly limitless. As technology becomes more advanced, any business can harness a variety of tools to gain a competitive edge, fuel customer engagement and ultimately improve the bottom line.

IBM recently announced that, along with IBM business partner BrightStar, it has helped bring big data analytics to the History Colorado Center and the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Washington. Both operations were looking to better understand customer preferences and drive stronger results by taking full advantage of the vast stores of data they had collected over time. While the zoo and the museum both had access to large amounts of information based on purchases, social media and more, they lacked the solutions necessary for turning these disparate sets of data into actionable insights.

Big change
According to the leading IT firm, History Colorado will be able to analyze details such as what items customers are buying most frequently and when visitors are most likely to develop new marketing strategies. By knowing how visitors like to shop and what their interests are, the museum can develop special offers that are more tailored to each patrons' desires. This may build repeat business.

And IBM noted that the zoo has already experienced incredible results from its big data analytics solutions. In fact, IBM noted that the with deeper insight into visitors' buying habits, the organization was able to improve its online sales by 700 percent over the past two years.

"As a zoo, we are now realizing the power of big data and how insights can be gleaned from information ranging from Facebook comments to a retail sale made at our gift shop. Big data is delivering new forms of insights to help us better engage the visitor," said Donna Powell of Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. "The collaboration with IBM and BrightStar Partners and the use of big data analytics are helping us better understand visitor preferences while conserving wildlife at the same time."

Gaining a competitive edge today requires best-of-breed IT solutions, but for smaller businesses this can be a challenge. While budgets might not be suited to maintaining a large in-house IT staff, that doesn't mean companies should forego the latest technologies. With remote database support, any firm can reach its full potential.

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