Complicated IT environment increasing the importance of DBAs

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Inarguably, the data center has been transforming as enterprises look to adopt new technologies for a competitive edge, such as cloud computing and bring-your-own-device policies, while also mining large volumes of big data. As the IT environment becomes more complicated, firms are requiring database experts and administrators to aid in managing these challenges.

Andrew Hillier, the CTO and co-founder of CiRBA, told ITWorld that traditionally, databases were run using a combination of internal corporate knowledge around historical issues, device-specific analytics and process performance analytics. Now, though, enterprises are looking to manage data centers as a whole. Hillier explained that new technologies have allowed firms to manage these components as a single entity for improved analytics and enhanced insight into information. This is especially true, he noted, for organizations that are migrating from a conventional computing environment to a private cloud infrastructure. As a result of this shift, Hillier revealed that people can gain a deeper comprehension of monitoring and analytics tools as data centers become more centrally controlled. However, this integrated approach to database management also brings a need for technical expertise, according to Hillier. For example, businesses working to manage virtualized hardware will need to leverage remote database support in order to understand CPU utilization and capacity planning.

The value of DBAs
Enterprise Apps Today reported that according to Bert Scalzo, database domain expert for Quest Software, big data has completely changed the role that the database administrator (DBA) plays in many corporations. He asserted that the DBA's role has become more important because may companies are accumulating terabytes and petabytes of data due to inexpensive cloud storage capabilities.

"It's not that the number of DBAs is decreasing, but the amount of data that companies are keeping is increasing exponentially with the same amount of resources," Scalzo explained to the source.

Gwen Shapira, senior database administrator at data infrastructure management company Pythian, also reportedly believed that there is a considerable opportunity for DBAs to address big data obstacles.

"A few years ago, executives only noticed the database when it stopped working," Shapira said, according to Enterprise Apps Today. "Now they are looking at the database and they think of all the information it holds as an opportunity: How can we get more value out of the information we have here? What other information can we collect to support our decision making?"

Harnessing big data will likely continue to drive a need for expert knowledge and new solutions, such as those provided by DBA services.

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