New BI tools from Oracle revolutionizing big data

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Data visualization tools have continued to revolutionize the way companies understand business intelligence (BI) analytics. A recent update to Oracle's offerings has demonstrated that as these solutions evolve, businesses stand to gain even further valuable insight from big data projects. By deploying database experts, businesses will be able to optimize decision-making by fully leveraging BI.

Harvard Business Review contributor Bill Franks reported that the primary reason for investments in visualization tools is that they bring analysis to life, decreasing the time it takes to apply analytic conclusions to particular objectives. In addition, Franks asserted that another fundamental benefit of these tools is that they give users greater flexibility by allowing decision-makers to explore and summarize information in whatever way is most relevant to the business.

Franks explained that in traditional environments, businesses can access big data sources but only through predefined paths, limiting insight. Additionally, common desktop tools that provide visuals are often too complex to operate, and charts and graphs are not typically very interactive. However, Franks revealed that new tools for visualization empower users to view information from any source and at any angle, maximizing the advantages of analytics.

Oracle leading the revolution
According to InfoWorld, Oracle recently revised two of its BI products, Endeca Information Discovery and the Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, to provide flexibility in leveraging a wider variety of data sources, including social media channels, Hadoop and spreadsheets. The new version of Endeca will allow users to analyze unstructured information that has not been captured in a database or warehouse. A native JavaScript Object Notation reader and support for OAuth authorization will give businesses the capability to import data from social sites for sentiment analysis. Additionally, Endeca users can now analyze their own Microsoft Excel files. The upgrade also comes with a new interface that provides the ability to drag and drop visualizations, allowing the software to render a visual representation of data in any chosen format.

Furthermore, InfoWorld revealed that the Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite version enables firms to work with a greater number of data sources. Because BI dashboards and reports can source directly from Hadoop, users no longer have to move information into a database. This new version comes with a variety of visualizations, including Waterfall Graphs and Performance Tiles.

By deploying the latest BI solutions and Oracle experts, businesses gain the freedom to join disparate data sources, view patterns in real-time and discover trends more quickly.

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