AT&T data breach FCC settlement largest ever [Video]


The government has always been a proponent of strong cybersecurity practices, but now American citizens have witnessed the clearest example yet of robust adherence to presidential statements.

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The U.S. Federal Trade Communications Commission announced Wednesday that AT&T must pay $25 million in penalties after employees at three overseas call centers sold hundreds of thousands of AT&T customer records, including names and Social Security numbers.

That information was then used by criminals to unlock stolen mobile devices.

Over 270,000 customers were affected by the data breaches, and the result is the $25 million fine. Furthermore, AT&T must create a new data security program to prevent this or any other cyberincidents from occurring in future.

The settlement between the FCC and AT&T is the largest related to a data breach and customer privacy since the FCC’s inception. The impact that a $25 million civil penalty has on a company such as AT&T is one of the many things organizations fear the most.

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