SQL Saturdays: Learn Where You Can See Presentations by RDX SQL Server Experts

By RDX on Apr 22

SQL Saturdays are free, one-day training events and are held in cities worldwide throughout the year. Hundreds of SQL Server professionals attend to hear presentations by those highly regarded in the field and to learn best practices associated with their trade. Since speaking sessions range from beginner to advanced levels,  professionals of all levels are encouraged to attend. There are also a variety of networking opportunities available such as pre-conference sessions in select cities and after parties. 

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How RDX Remote DBAs Stay on Top of Evolving Technologies

By RDX on Apr 14

As the modern database continues to grow, its inherent feature set expands alongside it. More solutions allow remote DBAs and internal teams alike to solve business problems tied to cutting costs and improving efficiencies. However, with these solutions comes increased complexity surrounding database administration, and it falls on the shoulders of DBAs to understand and leverage the industry’s evolving technologies.

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RDX MongoDB Service Launch Announcement

By Chris Foot on Apr 06

RDX is pleased to announce the launch of our MongoDB NoSQL database service offering. NoSQL architectures have been gaining an increasing amount of attention from the IT community.  Many organizations now consider NoSQL offerings to be standard infrastructure choices for new database-driven application implementations. 

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