The NoSQL- Relational Comparison Series Continues- Relational SQL vs MongoDB Methods

By Chris Foot on Mar 29

When we compare relational and NoSQL Systems, one of the critical analyses we have to perform is data access mechanisms.  As we’ll learn over the next few articles of this series on data access, the SQL language used by relational database management systems is much more feature rich and powerful than its NoSQL counterpart.  This statement isn’t intended to sway readers to relational systems, it is just the author’s evaluation of both systems’ access languages.  

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Using Remote DBA Support to Achieve High Availability

By RDX on Mar 18

Designing, building and maintaining highly available (HA) architectures is the key to providing end users with 24x7 access to mission-critical applications. From the financial services sector to higher education, organizations require their databases be online and readily accessible. When these critical applications become unresponsive or performance is hindered, the resulting downtime can have extreme consequences. With the potential for legal penalties, bad press, loss of customer goodwill and other repercussions looming, DBAs must constantly focus on ensuring their systems are highly available, quickly recoverable and protected from natural or human-induced disasters.

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The Most Important Responsibility of a Remote DBA

By RDX on Mar 02

As the modern database continues to evolve and take on a more strategic role in business, the complexities associated with managing these environments grows as well. For database administrators, this changing landscape forces them to continuously adapt and grow alongside the database engine to properly design, support, and secure an enterprise’s critical data stores. Their in-depth knowledge of the infrastructures so crucial to operations make DBAs an integral part of not only day-to-day functions, but business decisions aimed at reducing operation costs, improving margins, and more.

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