Part 2: MDX Code Development for Beginners

By Dan King on Feb 29

Welcome back to part 2 of MDX Code Development for Beginners.  In part 1, we looked directly at the basic SELECT FROM clause in T-SQL and converted it to the SELECT ON COLUMNS ON ROWS FROM which is the equivalent in MDX.  In part 2 we will be looking into the different BASIC filters that can be introduce into the SELECT statement in comparison to T-SQL  “WHERE” clauses.

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How to Configure Read-Only Routing for an Availability Group

By John Handra on Feb 09

One of the main benefits of an AlwaysOn Availability Group is being able to read off of the secondary replicas. However, Read-Only Routing is not automatically configured when you first build your AlwaysOn Availability Group. To fully utilize an AlwaysOn Availability Group and take full advantage of having read-only connections connect to your secondary database, you will have to configure Read-Only Routing.

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Cassandra and Relational database schema comparison - Query vs relationship modeling

By Chris Foot on Feb 08

In this next article of the series, we’ll continue our comparison of relational and NoSQL schemas.   Part one of the article used MongoDB as our subject for comparison.   This second article uses Cassandra as the representative for NoSQL architectures.

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MongoDB and Relational Database Schema Comparison – Dynamic vs Rigid

By Chris Foot on Feb 01

In this next article of the series, we’ll analyze the different strategies that the Relational and NoSQL database vendors follow for schema design.   This will be a two-part article with the first using MongoDB as our subject for comparison followed by a second discussion using Cassandra as the NoSQL product representative.

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