Competition and the Expanding Role of the Modern Database

By Chris Foot on Oct 27


The database engine has played an increasingly strategic role in virtually all organizations for over two decades.  Over the years, the database’s area of influence has expanded to a point to where it has become the heart of the modern IT infrastructure.  

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How to Slipstream SQL Server Install

By John Handra on Oct 22

If you cannot install SQL Server 2008 because of the known issue in the Setup program, you will have to use the slipstream method to successfully complete an installation of SQL Server. This method involves downloading the service pack package that you want for your architecture and combining that with the original SQL Server 2008 install media.

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Creating SSAS Hierarchies with Multiple Dimension Tables

By Dan King on Oct 13

Recently, I was tasked with building a hierarchy using multiple dimensions. I was advised to use a named query or materialized view to accomplish this because SSAS doesn’t have the capabilities to read the columns/attributes from multiple dimensions. Since I have done this before, I decided to take the AdventureWorks database and give a step-by-step tutorial of how to accomplish this request. Let’s get started!

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SQL Server: CMDEXEC Subsystem Failed to Load

By John Handra on Oct 07

During your life as a DBA, you will probably have to restore the master database and all the user databases on a new operating system to bring an already existing SQL Server instance online. One of my clients recently had an issue with hardware failure. Our only option was to install SQL Server on a new OS and use the backup files to restore all the databases from the old SQL Server instance. Once the new system was completely built and we restored msdb, we noticed that some of the SQL Server Agent jobs began to fail. Below is the error output from the job history. It states that the CMDEXEC subsystem failed to load.

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