Azure DBaaS Alerts

At one of my previous DBA jobs, I encountered some performance issues in our Azure PaaS offering. Clients were experiencing 30-40 second login times and 10-15 second save times, which is considered poor. Of course, everybody’s first thoughts were, “THE DATABASE IS SLOW!!” After pulling up every single chart and metric I could, I finally proved to them it was not the database.
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Configuring AzureDB DBaaS

One of the sessions I give at PASS events is about configuring your on-premises SQL instance. I have also been working with Database-as-a-Service, DBaaS, for a while now and thought it would be helpful to do a session on configuring DBaaS for beginners.  The purpose of this blog post is to list some of the things that I believe are crucial for first time deployment
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ICYMI- RDX Insights Webinar- Cloud’s Hidden Impact on IT Support Organizations

Check out RDX’s latest webinar, Cloud’s Hidden Impact on IT Support Organizations. We discuss the differences between cloud and on-premises systems, identify the key challenges associated with switching to cloud DBMS environments and provide proven best practices for making your transition to the cloud successful. You can view and listen to a recording of the presentation below:

The SlideShare version of the presentation can also be viewed here.

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Is Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB the NoSQL Competition Killer?

Most database pros are aware that the era of the one-size-fits-all database has been over for some time. We realized that not all of the data our shops are required to store, process and present to our end user communities neatly fits into relational rows and columns.

The need to store unstructured data in conjunction with the ability to provide almost absurdly high degrees of scalability, data distribution and availability were the business drivers behind the genesis of NoSQL offerings. Many of the NoSQL products were specifically designed to leverage low cost hardware to provide the ability to store semi and non-structured data and provide extremely high horizontal scalability and data redundancy at an affordable price point.

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Azure Automation- Scheduling Stored Procedures

As database administrators, we are always looking for ways to automate our daily processes.  SQL Server Agent has always been a great tool for doing this, whether it be for scheduling regular maintenance or administrative jobs.  For those of you making the leap to the PaaS offering of Azure SQL databases, you will quickly discover that SQL Server Agent is no longer a feature.  For those of you who might start to panic thinking you will now be required to wake up at 2:00 AM to manually run your weekly maintenance or nightly administrative job- don’t worry! This is where Azure Automation comes to save the day!  Azure Automation brings a PowerShell workflow execution service to the Azure platform that allows one to automate those maintenance and administrative tasks all within the Azure portal and take the role of the SQL Server Agent.  To demonstrate how you can leverage Azure Automation, I will take a common request that I have encountered with many clients who have the need to schedule a stored procedure execution.

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ICYMI- RDX Insights Webinar- The Rising Interest in Open Source Relational Databases

Check out the latest RDX Insights webinar, The Rising Interest in Open Source Relational Databases. We discuss the factors driving their increase in popularity, learn how the cloud is accelerating that growth, review commercial DBMS replacement strategies and evaluate the various open source offerings on the market.

View the live recording below:

You can also view the presentation on SlideShare here.

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ICYMI- RDX Insights Webinar- Microsoft Business Intelligence Overview & Power BI Demo

If you missed May’s RDX Insights webinar, Microsoft Business Intelligence Overview & Power BI Demo, you can view the recording below. RDX’s VP of Delivery Strategies and Technologies, Chris Foot, and BI Product Team Manager, Jeremy Frye, teamed up to discuss the advantages of Microsoft’s business intelligence product suite and what the future of Microsoft BI looks like. The presentation also features a Power BI demo and a discussion about how it integrates with SSIS/SSAS/SSRS. Check it out:

You can also view a version of the demo only:

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ICYMI- RDX Insights Webinar- Evaluating and Selecting a Cloud DBMS Architecture

If you couldn’t attend April’s RDX Insights webinar, Evaluating and Selecting a Cloud DBMS Architecture, you can check out the recording below!

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